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Owner Agent

Property owner restrictions are like a seat belt, the only time you need them is when a problem arises and then you are thankful you are protected.Out in rural areas, or as we call it, in the country, few if any laws are in place for land use that protect the environment or property values. In the old days, farmland was in parcels big enough that a farmer could do whatever he wanted and the noises or odors (‘smells like money to me’, said the farmer sniffing his pig trough) were so far away from the others, it didn’t make any difference. Back in those days, garbage was burned or dumped in the holler, sheds put up in a few hours covered the farm tools, and all the trucks needed to make a living were part of the business of the farm, even if it didn’t run; some day you just might need it.But times have changed

Parcels are smaller than hundred acre farms and the land uses are now more for quiet enjoyment than for a family’s crop or animal raising income. What a neighbor a few hundred feet away does now affects the rest of the others close by. Tools and toys have also changed. Non-mufflered four wheelers and off road vehicles racing around, burning garbage, firing off guns in the middle of the night, a fenced up pack of endlessly barking dogs, and old junky equipment sitting around not only reduce the property values of the one who does these things, but it also reduces the value of everyone else’s property nearby too.

The simple, golden rule restrictions we have are not ‘condo commando’ laws that need an attorney to understand, they are the seat belts for homeowners to be good neighbors respecting others investment. We added them because we want every one of the owners in the community to have their investment appreciate in value.

The old saying, ‘fences make good neighbors’ has real merit for these good neighbor regulations. Every one of the owners who have purchased a home site at the Cove or Farms are thankful we considered their future. We all want it to be about nature, deer, turkeys, and other critters including us, living together harmoniously side by side.

You are welcome to see them for review, just call or e-mail us and we will send them your way.