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Our Story

How did we buy mountain property, and pick a community too?


The two go hand in hand, we found out.
Twenty five years ago we were invited to spend a weekend with friends in their North Carolina log cabin in the mountains. Wow, what a peaceful life. We started to dream about living in the mountains one day. Just like all good shoppers we made up our wish lists and then looked around a lot, so if we finally found ‘our place’ we would be ready to buy. Somehow, someway, somewhere, maybe one day we could find our dream spot.

We made up two lists actually; one for the land and a second for the community and state.

Affordability was at the top of our list. We wanted reasonable land costs, a low cost of living and low taxes. After initial broad research, we knew we needed to find a place that hadn’t been discovered yet and was on the cusp of thoughtful growth – a town not overrun by commercialism. With those circumstances, land would be more within our budget and perhaps the undiscovered mountain town would be on the rise. We also had our hearts set on finding a place where our extended family could also afford a home too.

Well, why not make the dream a big one, right?

We looked in North Carolina, but couldn’t find a mountain town that didn’t already have real estate prices way out of reach for us. Next was South Carolina and then the mountains of north Georgia. The latter two areas came closer to our list, but the state income tax they both had was a bogey. Tennessee was also high on our radar as an option. To us, the mountains in Tennessee looked as beautiful as in the neighboring states, so this just might be the direction to go. Besides, Tennessee didn’t have a state income tax. Once we decided upon Tennessee, we needed to locate a town. In one of those long and fun stories with ‘divine coincidences,’ we found Tellico Plains. We didn’t know until we visited that a new $100 million dollar scenic Skyway over the mountains to North Carolina was scheduled to open in 1997, with one end in Tellico Plains, and the town was getting ready for growth. Tellico Plains was still undiscovered and prices were affordable. It is still that way today, we might add, although prices have gone up a bit in the years since we moved here.


The town looked like a hidden gem, only in need of some polish, and history was wide and deep. Tellico is an anglicized word for Tahlequah, Cherokee for “great meeting place.” The Cherokee gathered here every year and held their ball games on the plains. The Tellico River and Bald River falls were spectacular, and a national forest of 1.7 million acres was at the door. Tellico Plains felt like home within a few hours on the day we first arrived to look around. Our ten years of thinking and searching around the mountains seemed to all converge in Tellico Plains. We found the location met all our dreams and the items on our ‘bucket’ lists. We looked at property and bought that day. We’ve never regretted the decision. In fact, nine of our friends and their families have moved here since we did also.

I was not a developer or a realtor so why did we get Red Mountain Communities started?

Really by those ‘circumstances’ again. Before we bought and named The Cove and The Farms on Reagan Valley Road, they were owned or contracted to others outside the area. Owners planned on high density, poorly developed ‘spaghetti farms’ as they are called here. A spaghetti farm is one with very little road frontage but runs quite deep front to back. No allowances are made for mountain land contours so most home sites never look ‘right.’ Cheap development can be done this way to avoid expenses like engineering, underground power, and city water systems. Also, these outside developers weren’t going to live here, so it was about them making a quick buck.

We wanted more for our neighbors, the buyers and ourselves, than some hucksters turning a fast buck and leaving us with butchered subdivisions next door. So we bought both properties and took the time to get them properly designed and developed. Destumping clear cut Red Mountain Farms took 10 weeks, with two dozers and a track hoe running nonstop dawn to dusk. It is now beautiful pasture, some saved hardwoods, and new growth pine. Red Mountain Cove took over a year to design, develop and install the infrastructure we thought it should have, and to satisfy each regulatory need. Now both look so peaceful you’d think it has always been that way. In fact it looks almost like it did 80 years ago when the Starretts farmed the land.

The cool part for us is we are fortunate to also live here on Reagan Valley and get the pleasure of driving by the Farms and the Cove on our way to and from town. Our daughter, her husband, and our three grandkids live here too, so we all enjoy the beauty of the Cove and Farms every day.

Every buyer at Red Mountain Cove and Farms has felt just like us when we came to town; something is magnetic about Tellico Plains and this quaint community. Red Mountain is about the magical dream of a life without the stresses of the city. It actually is that way here.

We would love to have you as our friends and neighbors; we will trade porch visits, stories, and share the mountain peace with you.

God Bless you and your family,

Dave and Sandy

Red Mountain Cove & Red Mountain Farms
Tellico Plains, Tennessee

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