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Goose News

The big day for Mr. & Mrs. Goose was yesterday! It appears they have 4 new goslings. Dad is around all the time and has steely eyes watching out for his family. They have moved to the other side of the pond so we can’t get close anymore. The first picture the babies are on the right and the swimming picture they are in the middle. Looks like there are 2 eggs left but guess they are duds…

Baby Goslings

Baby Goslings





Swimming already!

Swimming already



Vacated Nest
Vacated Nest

It’s Iris Time in Tennessee

Spring continues to be amazing. Something stops bloom and something else starts. The irises are coming out in full force this year. Places that I planted them years ago that have never bloomed are blooming this year! The weather is perfect, a little rain, a little sun and comfortable temperatures. I put my garden in about 10 days ago and seeds are sprouting and plants are growing. I’m not a big gardener but things grow in spite of me – at least, when I don’t have to compete with a groundhog! Hope you enjoy the pictures — we are certainly enjoying the beauty!

Deep purple . . .
Deep purple
These irises have the sweetest fragrance!!!
Amazing Fragrance
Montana Iris Montana Iris 2

The two irises above I bought in Montana three years ago when we were visiting. This is the first year they have bloomed. They are quite different from all my other irises!

These Lillies of the Valley belonged to my paternal Grandmother, my Mom transplanted some, I got a start from her, and now our daughter, Chris, has them growing also. How cool is that! Lillies of the Valley and Lilac bushes never grew in Florida but this year I bought a Lilac bush also.
Lillies of the Valley


Roses are starting to bloom!

Roses are starting to bloom









Don’t know what it is, but it’s pretty and it comes up every year!

What is it










Meet our cat, Betsy!

Our cat Betsy

Goose Update

It rained the other day and Mrs. Goose was quite interesting. I didn’t get a picture but her legs were stretched straight out behind her and her wings were spread out all over the nest. Obviously she was protecting her eggs from the elements. Dave & I speak to her whenever we come past but she doesn’t comment – she’s very intense about her job! Mr. Goose is around occasionally or maybe he sits on the nest sometimes – it’s hard to tell them apart! I have no idea how long it takes for goslings to hatch but I’ll keep you posted . . .

Shades of Green


WOW!!! Lots of beauty this time of year. It’s really my favorite time! Although Fall is beautiful with all the golds and reds, I just love all the different shades of green in the Spring. They don’t show up nearly as well in these photos but you have to admit they are still very nice. The red bud are out in full force and the dogwood are starting to open. It rained yesterday and I think my irises grew at least 6 inches. I am also including a picture of Mama Goose who has at least 4 eggs in her nest. Since we saw the eggs she has covered them with down. She is on the nest most of the time but when I stop and talk to her she doesn’t budge. I will keep you posted on the babies. Hope you are enjoying Spring as much as we are!


Spring is Springing




The sun is out and the daffodils are beginning to bloom and we have lots + also tulips. The beauty is only beginning. Soon all the new leaves from the different trees will start to come out (the buds are already there). It’s my favorite time of year because there are all the different colors of green and then the red buds and dogwoods are also blooming. WOW, it’s beautiful!!!

Beginning to bloom

The sun is out and the daffodils are beginning to bloom – we have lots plus tulips! The beauty is only beginning. Soon all the new leaves from the different trees will start to come out (the buds are already there). It’s my favorite time of year in Tennessee because there are so all the different colors of green and then the redbuds and dogwoods are blooming also. WOW, it’s beautiful!!!

Winter and Nature

We have an amazing variety of birds in this area, and it’s so exciting to see a flock of wild turkeys. Here are photos I took of about 15 in Red Mountain Cove this past weekend.

RM snow 1-31-10 007

Deer in the snow



Here’s a photo of deer in the snow here in Tellico Plains. It may seem I have a thing about deer but it’s just that we see them frequently since there is water nearby. Besides they are so cute when they all swivel their heads toward you.

You might have heard about the terrible weather we were suppose to have this past weekend but as usual it didn’t materialize. We did, however, have enough snow that for the first time in the 12 years they have lived here, our grandkids could sled down a slope more than once. We usually have between a quarter to a half inch of snow which is melted before 11 a.m. so after the first slide down the hill, they are “mudding.” We probably had 3 inches this time and there is still some on the ground but the sun is out and probably by evening most of it will be gone. It’s a good thing . . .

Deer in the Yard

I was putting on my shoes this morning and looked out our bedroom window at seven deer in the side yard. They just looked back! Our cat, Betsy, has been staring in that direction for the last couple days so they were probably staying in the woods next to the yard. They didn’t leave until I went into the garage and started the car – just munched on grass and looked at me.

High Speed DSL, HD TV, Phone Bundle Now Available

Dave Fankhauser


The local phone company has announced a bundle service that is available at Red Mountain for a savings of about 35 percent. The package includes High Speed DSL 4mbs internet, High Def Dish TV, and Phone service. This is a project I’ve been working on for 8 years, and TDS has just introduced it a few months ago. Makes living in the country as easy to connect as in the city.