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Home Site Descriptions

Red Mountain Cove

Home site three, we call this site Bent Oak.

This 3.74 acre is one of the best sites in the Cove. Bent Oak is set up for a home on a private knoll facing north. The land just in front of the home site slopes gently to the stream so a walk-out finished lower level is very easy to do. The front of the home could have big glass windows on both levels looking to the stream, the pasture and Laurel Mountain to the north. The stream just in front of the cleared home site is about 100’ away with an open pasture on the other side of the stream; the home site is well back from the road on the opposite side of the pasture so privacy is huge. To the west is a small pond that can be viewed when a small amount of clearing takes place. Entry to the site is south of the home and is shielded by trees. A turn about driveway would be easy to do and a center hall leading to the front of the home would make a ‘surprise’ experience for your guests when they are welcomed into your home. With a southern facing roof solar panels could be added too.

Home site four, we call this site Water Fall.

This 4.73 acre site has all the same characteristics of three except it has a much larger pasture in front of the home. It too has the stream with a small water fall in front of the home and sets up perfectly to have a walking bridge across the creek to the pasture. For the horse lover this is the best site in the Cove to have a small barn and side shed for feed etc. This is also a very secluded home site on a small knoll with hardwoods on all sides and a very private entrance for the owners and their guests. The slopes are different on this site. On the lower level the northeast corner of the home could have glass on two sides to take in the forest and beauty of the surroundings.

Home site seven, we call this site Four Soldiers.

This 5.33 acre site was named Four Soldiers because there are 4 oaks in the front yard facing to the west. When we were clearing the small pines these four oaks probably 40 years old, came out of the forest in close to a perfect row. The home site is suited for a one level home. It could have a big three sided glass great room for the kitchen, family room and dining area on the north side of the house and the master bedroom on the south side facing a very dense forest. A porch across the front and beside the glass great room would really be a wonderful way to see the sun sets across the top on the mountain to the west.

Home sites 8 and 9, we call these two the Cove

The two together are 15.34 acres. It is at the south end of the road and is in the bowl of the mountain to the south, east and west. It is the most secluded site in the Cove, placement of the home could be done in such a way that no one would be able to see the home. Another home site location closer to the road would provide a majestic view to the north of Laurel Mountain and down the pasture land along the road.
The two parcels could be divided and homes built up on the sides of the mountain. These homes would be the cliff hanger style homes and would have no needs for anything to be done…no grass, no gardens, and no projects. The slopes are very steep and living on the side of a mountain would mean that the owners could justify reading a book and not feel guilty that something else has to be done.

Home site 10, we call this site Majesty.

This 5.33 acre site has just come on the market. We bulldozed in the drive this past fall so it could settle for finish grading in the spring and now we can easily get to the top on a winding driveway up to near the top of the mountain. It has big views to the north, east and west. The home site has a slope for a walkout lower level or for a garage under the home, or it could be a one level home. The home would face to the east and could have porches to the west and east for sunrises and sunsets. There is a very majestic hardwood forest on the entire parcel with very little clearing needed to open up the views. This home site can have as much or little a yard you might want. It is very private and is the farthest from the entrance to the Cove. A walk to the mail box will be one of the best exercise walks in the Cove.

Red Mountain Farms


Home site three, we call this one Privacy

This 9.51 acre site is in the middle of a pine forest with around 15 years in growth, the trees are about 25’ tall and dense. There is a home site already carved out of the forest and ready for building a home that could face southwest and see the big mountains off in the distance about 10 miles away. This is a very private site and no one would have any idea a home was back there in the forest. The drive could wind back along the rolling terrain and a pond put in with the drive over the dam to get back to the house. This site would be ideal for a solar home.