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Bald River Falls

Well, we’ve had huge rains, many of you know Bald River Falls, a friend Bill Weimer called and we went up there yesterday to see what it looked like…millions of gallons per minute, a spray like a rain storm over the bridge, the speed of the falling water created a wind, the roar amazing…here are some pictures of the force…even […]


We’re having a very unusual year as most of the country is also. Spring is my very favorite time because of all the new growth. The daffodils and hyacinths have already bloomed but now the red buds and forsythia are blooming and the dogwoods are coming out. One of the most beautiful things are all […]

Fall on Reagan Valley Road

Wouldn’t you love to live here?!

Fall in Tellico Plains

    Hi! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve added to this blog. I’m more of a listener than a talker and I guess that goes for writing also – not always sure what I have to say is that improtant! BUT I couldn’t pass up sending out some pictures of our beautiful […]

Poppy Time

Our poppies are absolutely gorgeous this year! I love perennials – they just come up every year. Unfortunately the poppy seeds got into our gravel walkways. I just couldn’t pull them out of the gravel so my hope is to pull them out before they drop their seeds. Many of my friends are jealous because […]

Goose News

The big day for Mr. & Mrs. Goose was yesterday! It appears they have 4 new goslings. Dad is around all the time and has steely eyes watching out for his family. They have moved to the other side of the pond so we can’t get close anymore. The first picture the babies are on […]

It’s Iris Time in Tennessee

Spring continues to be amazing. Something stops bloom and something else starts. The irises are coming out in full force this year. Places that I planted them years ago that have never bloomed are blooming this year! The weather is perfect, a little rain, a little sun and comfortable temperatures. I put my garden in […]

Goose Update

It rained the other day and Mrs. Goose was quite interesting. I didn’t get a picture but her legs were stretched straight out behind her and her wings were spread out all over the nest. Obviously she was protecting her eggs from the elements. Dave & I speak to her whenever we come past but […]

Shades of Green

  WOW!!! Lots of beauty this time of year. It’s really my favorite time! Although Fall is beautiful with all the golds and reds, I just love all the different shades of green in the Spring. They don’t show up nearly as well in these photos but you have to admit they are still very […]

Spring is Springing

    The sun is out and the daffodils are beginning to bloom and we have lots + also tulips. The beauty is only beginning. Soon all the new leaves from the different trees will start to come out (the buds are already there). It’s my favorite time of year because there are all the […]