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Bambi Found in Tellico Plains!


On one of the properties that Skyway Realty has listed, there was a lot of damage from some of last winter’s ice storms. The owner was having some of the trees that were casualties of the storm taken down and Dave was the point of contact between the owner and the loggers doing the work. A few days into the job, Dave received a call from the loggers to make a special trip to see something they’d found. When he arrived, the burly, sweaty and toughened loggers were nurturing a baby deer.

These were the kind of guys who, on any fall weekend might be out in the woods in the early morning, in a deer stand, waiting for this fawn’s mother or father to walk into their sightline. But on THIS morning, when Dave arrived, they were all guarding the spotted fawn with as much care and compassion as if they were the mother themselves.

They said that for 3 or 4 days, they’d seen the fawn off in the woods, waiting for its mother to return.

But she never did.

And their hearts were troubled for the fate of this real-life Bambi.

Likely a victim to a car, the mother wasn’t coming back, and they couldn’t bear to see the young deer starve or worse. It was all too apparent that they would do anything to save it. One of the loggers owned goats, one of which had just given birth, so the plan was to take the fawn home, and hopefully, the mama goat would accept it as its own kid.

Most people wouldn’t expect a story about brawny Southern loggers to end this way. But that’s just what makes the South – and Tellico Plains – so special and unique!


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