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Fall in Tellico Plains




Hi! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve added to this blog. I’m more of a listener than a talker and I guess that goes for writing also – not always sure what I have to say is that improtant! BUT I couldn’t pass up sending out some pictures of our beautiful fall colors. We had friends visit the 8th of Oct. and everything was green but by the 10th all the reds and golds started really showing up and now it is absolutely beautiful. We had a dry summer so don’t know if that means beautiful color? Our mums are amazing. A friend told me that we need to keep them cut back till the 4th of July so the color hits in the fall when it is suppose to. She also told me to just plant the cuttings in the ground, keep watered, and you get big mum plants. The ones you see are mostly started from one spring and if I had watered more, there would be a lot more plants. Enjoy the pictures!!!

More mums

These colors are not nearly as beautiful as in person
— come see them yourself!








PICT0231PICT0230Notice all the angel trumpets and the beautiful red mums.

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